Time: 1:15 pm - 4:00 pm
Lesson: How to make 38 pieces of sushi. This is a quantity that will feed 2 people. There will be 4-5 Sushi Chefs as instructors and 2 waitresses to assist you during your lessons.
Cost: $64.25 per person. per lesson
What's Included
Tea. coffee & pop will be included during the lesson Sakana will also provide. Hot Sake and Plum Wine during the classes.
The costs of foods, drinks, and gifts from Sakana Grill per person each class comes to a value of &50.00
Contest and Prizes
At the end of the class, 6 students will be chosen to participate in a contest for the "Best Looking Sushi", "Best Made Sushi" and "Most Original Presentation. All winners will receive a prize. Prizes include gifts certifications from Sakana Grill a bottle of Japanese Sake. a bottle of Japanese Plum Wine. etc...
We welcome special booking for large group of 25 people and over. Interested, please call GRACE at: Sakana Grill 290.1118